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Transform Your Body with a Cool Lipo Tummy Tuck and More

Dr. Prasad is the first liposuction specialist on Long Island (and the second in Manhattan) to offer the most advanced Cool Lipo technology!

Now you can have the amazing body you want…flat abdomen, thin legs, tight neck and chin…easily, safely and virtually immediately. Cool Lipo is a new, cutting-edge liposuction procedure that uses minimally invasive technology to liquefy fat for easy removal.

This innovative liposuction procedure uses a laser system with a unique wavelength that directly shrinks collagen and tightens the skin for a more cosmetically appealing tummy tuck or other liposuction procedure. This effect is not seen with standard liposuction. The skin tightening effect produces amazing results for individuals who want to see a reduction in fat and inches but may have loose skin that would not normally contour to a new, slimmer physique after ordinary liposuction.

The Latest Innovation in Liposuction: Cool Lipo Tummy Tucks and More

Dr. Prasad is a New York liposuction specialist who has helped countless individuals achieve the look they desire using the Cool Lipo technique. He performs the procedure with local anesthesia as opposed to most liposuction surgeons who use general anesthesia. Using local anesthesia reduces the risk and allows for a quick in-and-out procedure, which means you will recover faster and experience the best possible result. Learn more about the advantages of Cool Lipo and find out if this innovative liposuction procedure is right for you.

Find out why so many people are turning to Cool Lipo specialist, Dr. Prasad, for liposuction procedures including tummy tucks and more. For more information about our new and advanced liposuction procedure, visit our Cool Liposuction page. To receive a Consultation by Appointment, fill out this form today or call us at (917) 934-3248 or (516) 535-9469.