The Many Cool Liposuction Advantages Over Traditional Liposuction

Overall, Cool Liposuction is a much better service than standard liposuction. There are too many Cool Liposuction advantages to list, but below you will find some of the most important ones to consider.

Cool Liposuction Saves Time
Because Cool Liposuction removes fat and tightens the skin at the same time, there is no need for a separate procedure for skin tightening.

Cool Liposuction is Often More Affordable
Cool Liposuction patients don’t have to pay for two procedures or two visits. In addition, Dr. Prasad performs this procedure in his clinic so there are no outside hospital or clinic room fees!

Cool Liposuction is More Comfortable
With Cool Liposuction, there is no rigorous and uncomfortable back-and-forth suction motion as is done with traditional liposuction. The motion is smooth and easy as the laser liquefies the fat for easy suction and removal.

Cool Liposuction Patients Heal Better
Cool Liposuction patients will have a small incision where the Cool Liposuction wand was inserted. This incision will be covered with a bandage and many patients will be able to return to work the very next day. Bruising is very minimal and will disappear quickly.

Cool Liposuction Uses Local Anesthesia
With Cool Liposuction, only local anesthesia is needed. It is much easier to sculpt the body of a person who can move about on his or her own than to manipulate a person who is under general anesthesia.

Cool Liposuction is Ideal for Treating Small Areas
The Cool Liposuction laser-based procedure is ideal for treating small areas such as under the chin, jowls and neck or for areas with loose skin such as the arms, abdomen or thighs.