Side effects from the Cool Lipo procedure are minimal and are typical with any surgical procedure. However, Dr. Amiya Prasad an expert in liposuction has treated many patients with little to no sides effects. Some side effects of liposuction include:


Bruising may occur after the Cool Lipo procedure due to the Cool Lipo wand.  There is a gentle back-and-forth motion that occurs in order for the laser to liquefy the fat and the wand to suction it out of the body.


Swelling is likely to occur in the treated area. This is normal and may be visible for several weeks. It is generally no longer noticeable after about two weeks, but it varies with each patient.


The Cool Lipo procedure is a minor surgical procedure and there is some discomfort during recovery. This is normal and should not be the cause of worry. The discomfort can easily be treated by taking Tylenol.