Dr. Prasad uses Cool Liposuction to reduce the amount of fat in the breast region for both men and women. Breast liposuction is much less painful than traditional breast reduction surgery and does not require general anesthesia.  It also leaves fewer visible scars.

Breast Liposuction for Men

For men, liposuction breast reduction efficiently eliminates excess tissue from the chest area, providing a more sculptured appearance. Many men appreciate breast liposuction because doctors can make the incisions in the crease of the armpit so patients have minimal scarring and heal more quickly compared to traditional male breast reduction patients.

Liposuction Breast Reduction for Women

Liposuction breast reduction for women holds many of the same advantages as it does for male patients. Additionally, Cool Lipo breast liposuction can actually tighten the skin during tissue removal, lifting the nipple up. Breast liposuction also greatly reduces scarring, eliminating the “anchor scar” that results from surgical breast reductions. Most breast liposuction patients also like that their breasts usually retain their original shape after the Cool Lipo procedure.

Breast Liposuction Gets Results.  Find out why so many people are turning to Dr. Prasad for Breast Liposuction. For more information about Cool Lipo Breast Reduction or other Cool Lipo options, contact Dr. Prasad for a consultation.