The Cool Lipo Tummy Tuck (lipoabdominoplasty) is one of the most amazing procedures the Cool Lipo technology allows a surgeon to perform. It is a revolutionary, minimally invasive approach to a tummy tuck, performed without general anesthesia.

Pregnancy, or other major weight gain/loss can have a devastating impact on a woman’s abdomen. Diet and exercise can help, but during pregnancy, the woman’s uterus pushes up against her abdominal wall and separates the muscles, which causes a bulge that no amount of exercise can ever eliminate. In a tummy tuck procedure, the surgeon sews the abdominal muscles back together, creating the kind of flat abdomen you had as a teen. In addition, he removes the fat and tightens the skin. The result is a flat, narrow and smooth stomach.

The traditional tummy tuck, however, requires the patient to undergo extensive abdominal surgery. Recovery can be difficult and usually takes about ten days. During the first few days, the patient has to walk hunched over, may have drains, and has to recover from being under general anesthesia. In contrast, the Cool Lipo Tummy Tuck is done without general anesthesia; so that it is safer for the patient and Dr. Prasad can combine the tummy tuck with liposuction to create the flattest, most sculpted abdomen possible. What is amazing about this procedure is that you can have the results that you want out of a traditional tummy tuck, but with much less down time and discomfort.

Performing the Cool Lipo Tummy under local anesthesia with light sedation has many benefits over the traditional tummy tuck:

•  Minimal bleeding which reduces operating time

•  Patient can move about easily. This ensures that body contouring is done as precisely as possible, versus a patient under general anesthesia who is more like “dead weight” requiring medical staff to physically move the patient around for contouring. In a Cool Lipo Tummy Tuck, following the liposuction and prior to the tummy tuck, the patient is inspected in a standing position to draw the shape and size of the skin to be removed. This step eliminates guessing and improves the odds of achieving a more beautiful body shape, contour line and symmetrical skin incision. When the surgery is performed under general anesthesia, the patient must stay laying down which forces the surgeon to be less accurate about the shape and size of the skin removal.

•  Using liposuction significantly reduces the chances of dog ears (or puckering at the end of the incision.)

•  Much quicker recovery. With the Cool Lipo Tummy Tuck, down time is considerably less than a traditional tummy tuck. You don’t have to walk bent over. You’re comfortable and the recovery is almost the same as the typical liposuction. It is two to three days of wearing the garment to absorb and reduce any swelling, and then it’s basically back to work in about one week.

•  Better Results. Dr. Prasad strives to give you the best possible results. He is a perfectionist and a specialist. He believes that for many women and men, the Cool Lipo Tummy Tuck is a great option for achieving a flat, sculpted abdomen.

Patient Before and After Photo’s

Cool Lipo Tummy Tuck Patient 2 Photo 1
Cool Lipo Tummy Tuck Patient 1 Before and After