Liposuction for Women by Dr. Prasad

More than ever, the pressure is on for women to have the “perfect body.” While having a healthy and fit body is a very important thing, society’s expectations may seem unreasonable and harsh for many. Female liposuction patients far outnumber men because of these pressures. Dr. Amiya Prasad encourages women to find their beauty within and to live healthy lifestyles through proper diet and exercise.

Because a change in lifestyle may seem like a daunting task for some females, Dr. Prasad offers liposuction for women to get them started immediately.

Female liposuction such as a tummy tuck will remove excess fat from the body and help tighten the skin after pregnancy or other weight gain/loss. This gives women a chance to begin a new lifestyle in the body they’ve always wanted. Many women find it easier to eat right and exercise when they already feel good about their appearances.

Female Cool Liposuction Before and After
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