For many women, legs are often a source of insecurity. Considering that a large proportion of women are genetically predisposed to having a higher proportion of fat in their legs, calves and ankles, many women diligently try to reduce the fat located within these areas. However, the fat located in ankles and calves is highly resistant to diet and exercise. As a result, calves Cool liposuction and liposuction of ankles are very popular procedure.

For people that struggle with fat calves and ankles, it is difficult to take solace in the fact that the distribution and proportion of localized fat in these areas of the body are genetically predetermined.. As the calves and ankles do not contain deep compartments of fat, the Cool liposuction technique becomes a much more difficult procedure.

Candidates need to be examined carefully and you should only consider this procedure with an experienced surgeon such as Dr. Prasad. However, the right candidates can look forward to slimmer lower legs with Cool Lipo.