A newly trim lower body can provide a psychological lift and an extra incentive to exercise regularly and maintain fitness. Many patients express relief at not being bothered by chafing in the thigh area, and they also find that clothes tend to fit them better.

Cool Liposuction is extremely effective on the thigh area; particularly for women whose fat tends to deposit in the hips and thighs. Suddenly, bathing suits are no longer a worry for women or men after thigh liposuction and our clients can be “stress-free” about their appearance at the beach or the pool.

Cool Liposuction can give you the smaller, shapelier thighs you want. Cool Lipo permanently removes inner and outer thigh fat using Inner and Outer Thigh Liposuction surgery and helps stimulate skin tightening, giving the appearance of younger and tighter legs. The inner and outer thighs are a problem area for many women — and often the bulges and sagging skin seem to grow worse with age. Many women are not only bothered by the appearance of their thighs in clothing, but are bothered by the rubbing of the inner thighs as they walk or exercise. Outer thigh “saddle bags” can make it difficult to find clothing that fits properly and can make an otherwise thin woman appear much heavier than she is. Cool Lipo of the thighs can safely smooth saddlebags, eliminate thigh rubbing, and decrease the overall circumference of the thighs.

Unfortunately, diet and exercise will not reverse or correct lumpiness or fatty bulges in the thighs. The ways thighs look is largely determined by genetics — even relatively thin or young women can suffer from flabby, bulging thighs and saddlebags.

Thighs liposuction slims the overall thighs, reduces bulges, and stimulates skin tightening. In particular, most patients see a tightening of inner thigh tissue and a reduction in overall “jiggliness” of the entire thigh. After the procedure, the thighs are smaller, clothing fits better, and the thighs are in proportion to the overall body contour. Because approximately five litres of fat can be removed, the results of thigh Cool Lipo can be very dramatic. The results are permanent and unlike a thigh lift, thigh liposuction leaves no unsightly scars .