Buttocks liposuction can help you get the body you’ve always wanted by reducing the size and enhancing the shape of your buttocks.

The area of the buttocks is one of the first areas to get out of shape for both sexes, but women have an inherently higher percentage of body fat, so the layer under the skin is harder to shed. Cool Lipo on the buttocks may offer a solution.

When to Choose Buttocks Liposuction

There are a variety of reasons to consider Cool Lipo for the buttocks. Some people wish for a reduction in size and shape of their buttocks, as they feel the area is too large. Others want more sculpted buttocks to show off, either in pants, dresses, bathing suits or naked. One problem area of the buttocks includes the sacral fat pad, a bulge of fatty material located just above the buttocks in the lower back area. Surgeons consider this pad to actually be part of the buttocks, and buttocks liposuction can remove unsightly excesses in the area.

Another problem area on the buttocks is the “banana-shaped bulge,” located just below the buttocks above where the hip meets the area of the buttocks. This bulge can also be removed with buttocks liposuction. Whatever your reason or goal, Dr. Prasad’s Cool Lipo procedure can provide stunning results that will leave you smiling!