Liposuction for Men by Dr. Prasad

Male liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure for men. The most common areas that liposuction for men treats are the abdomen, flanks, chest and chin.

The Cool Lipo technology is excellent for men who are in relatively good shape and just want to get rid of those problem areas of fat that do not respond well to diet or exercise.

Male liposuction is also popular because of male breast over development gynecomastia, which affects approximately 40 – 60% of all men. Many men with gynecomastia are self-conscious about their appearances.

If you have gynecomastia, male breast reduction surgery, performed along with Cool Lipo male liposuction, can help you regain confidence by making your chest flatter and firmer. Dr. Prasad has training and experience in male liposuction and will treat you with sensitivity and customize a procedure tailored to fit your body contour. His male liposuction procedure can remove excess fat and glandular tissue from the breast and tighten the skin on the chest. The result is a flatter, firmer, better-contoured appearance.

Male Cool Liposuction Before and After 1

Male Cool Liposuction Before and After 2

Male Cool Liposuction Before and After 3