Post-operative instructions for Cool Liposuction recovery will be explained to you before and after the procedure. Dr. Prasad will see you a few days after the procedure to make sure that your liposuction recovery is progressing well.

Usually you can return to work the next day if you so desire. Following the Cool Lipo procedure, patients are given a compression garment that should be worn for a few days. You might choose to have the Cool Lipo procedure done on a Friday so that by Monday you can be assured that you can return to work. Normally if there is any swelling, it should subside within a day or two. Bruising during liposuction recovery is usually minimal with the Cool Lipo procedure.

We recommend a highly specialized form of lymphatic drainage using an ultrasound device offered by our specially trained esthetician during liposuction recovery to help the healing process progress more quickly.