As one of the few doctors to practice Cool Lipo on the East Coast, Dr. Prasad believes it is important that his patients fully understand the liposuction surgery procedure and its effects. Dr. Prasad takes a great deal of time to explain liposuction surgery options and procedures to his patients. He examines each of his patients to determine if they are a candidate for this procedure. Dr. Prasad also shows his patients pre-operative and post-operative pictures of his past patients.

Liposuction Surgery Consultation

During your liposuction surgery consultation, Dr. Prasad will evaluate the elasticity of your skin and will give his honest and professional opinion on how to improve your body contour. Your consultation will take place in one of his two private, luxurious cosmetic surgery centers located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side or in Garden City, Long Island.

What to Expect from Liposuction Surgery

The liposuction procedure can take anywhere from one hour to three hours depending on the areas being treated. Dr. Prasad will take only the best care of you and ensure that you receive all the time and attention required to produce optimal results from your liposuction surgery.